Sunday, February 7, 2010

A "King's Ransom"

Do you remember what it look like at the beginning? First photo is early progress. Second photo is focal complete. Final photo is the piece de'resistance.... in all his bright and colorful glory..... the colors are actually much more vibrant - but the natural light is quite drab today, so this is what I get.  Glad this is finally done - and turned out so well. I never would have thought to use the orange with the purple - but this piece of Purple Magnasite has an orange vein running through it - and it just seemed perfect. I think this is going to go on Etsy - when I get it set up. I'm hoping to work on it this week - we're supposed to get dumped on, although I don't think as bad as those on the East coast. Mercy!

My next project is one for ME - creating with my 'The Heart has Reasons that Reason does not Know" pendant. It will be assymetrical, something rare for me, being a Libra gal, I normally go for BALANCE - but for some REASON - the assymetrical thing just seemed to be what it's calling for. It will consist of chain, and wrapped loop crystals and leaves on one side, and an embellished spiral rope on the other. Peridot green and amethyst for colors - two of my favorites.  I get carried away on embellishing the spiral so, it will be interesting to see how long it takes me. I may also work some of the seed beads into the chain side somehow too - you'll just have to wait to see it DONE.
Have a happy SuperBowl day everyone! Not really rooting for anyone, although it would be nice to see the Saints win for New Orleans. They need the dream to come true!

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