Friday, February 19, 2010

Use the Muse IV

I actually blogged about this earlier this week when I pre-registered to enter.  But now that I've got dates and details - here we blog again....
February 25th is the very last day that you can pre order your kit for this wonderful contest.  I participated in the very first contest that Scarlett held, and it was fun and very cool to be 'lumped' in with all the other great and some FAMOUS bead artists out there.  I didn't win - but as they say of the Oscars - "It's an honor just to be nominated", or in this case, considered as an entry.  Scarlett has asked the question "What is your main motivation for entering USE THE MUSE IV?   Along with the reasons stated above -I entered for the challenge, and THE MYSTERY.  Not knowing what that focal piece is going to be is part of the intrigue.  And I think, from viewing the teaser photo on her blog, that I will truly be challenged this time.  Not colors I would normally work with - and so it will open my mind to new possibilities.  I don't have many followers - but if you love beads and are up for a great challenge with GREAT PRIZES, check out the site BEFORE Feb. 25!

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