Friday, May 31, 2013

The morning’s true song

Morning Song Necklace.jpg

I hope you all don't mind a lengthy blog post, but I really want to share the details about the recent sale of this piece. As you may remember from my last post – I had planned to list it on Etsy.  It didn’t get that far:   I have a friend that I have met through the new age bookstore that I frequent (and sometimes work in).  That friend is BLIND.  ONLY - you wouldn't know it if she wasn't holding her cane.  She is the most beautiful, well mannered, well dressed, intelligent, honest to goodness person I have known in a long time.   I brought "Morning Song" with me to our group meeting on Thursday, just for 'show and tell', because they, most of all, those Thursday Girls, have always been my support system; anyway – my friend held it in her hands - instantly loving the energy and feel - and bought it on the spot. I helped her put it on, and held her fingers to show her how to work the bead and loop clasp.   Also -because she is blind - she wanted details of what it 'looked like'.  THIS is what I wrote for her:  “The name of the piece is Morning Song, so that should give you a bit of an idea of the color scheme.  The focal bead is, as you know, an oval top drilled piece of smoothly polished Petrified Wood - which holds the colors of a red sky in morning - peachy brown, deeper mahogany, dusky pinks and just a hint of yellow streaking.  The necklace itself is a freeform net stitched in about 5 or 6 long rows, with deep pink Rhodonite, and a mix of yellows, oranges, pinks and browns.   The big chunky pieces in the necklace and used for the clasp are a muted pink dyed jade bead.  There is a pale pink ribbon woven throughout each strand, and a final wrap around of Swarovski crystal in three colors - copper, pink and crystal- to add just the right amount of sparkle.”
It has filled my heart with so much joy, and made my spirit SING, to have her be so excited about something that she can’t physically even SEE. She is truly a beautiful person – inside and out.  And incidentally, this is the same friend that presented me with the surprise bag of beaded jewelry items several months ago, after the tragic death of her daughter.  I have lovingly worked many of the beads from those pieces into many new things – and had I known she would be ultimately be the owner of Morning Song, I would have used some in IT as well.
So anyway – sorry to babble on, but I had to share this, because it is just another reason why I DO what I DO with so. much. PASSION.  Janeile, my dear – YOU ROCK – and you make my life ROCK too!
Peaceful beading everyone

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