Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Spinning a yarn

Wow.  12 days into June and this is my first blog post.  I really do apologize, but seriously – and I sound like a broken record here – no news.  No car.  No sales.  No excitement.  So NO BLOG.  I haven’t really even been beading a whole lot, because the one thing I HAVE done during the last 12 days is take up crocheting again!  I’m having a bit of fun with it, and realizing how much I miss being able to craft in front of the TV!  Can’t do that with my beads – the studio space is in another room!  So here’s what I’m workin’ on….


Which has turned into a small little tote type purse, which I haven’t photographed yet.  It’s all put together, and waiting for the lining.  And I’ve got a bead project going too – just to keep the irons hot! 
Excited to hear from Shiawassee Gallery that I SOLD a piece during Curwood Festival last weekend AND that they want me for another 3 months.  That surprised me, as they usually don’t do more than 2 three month spans per artist.  So I DO need to come up with a few different gallery quality pieces – by mid July!
I’m thinking this one:   Bali Hai monkeyd.jpg

With the bracelet to match, which isn’t finished, and maybe this one:

Garden's Gate-logo.jpg

Or maybe something completely new….
I’m also preparing for the first of what I hope will be many successful classes at Smittendust Studio.  The workshop “Unlock your Passion” is a lesson in peyote stitch, and working jump rings to add the charms.  July’s workshop is a pretty fringe bracelet that starts out simple and then gets ‘fuzzy’.  It will be fun!  Still trying to come up with a fun, vintage, altered arty type class for September or October.  After all the fun I’ll be having in July-in which I do three shows, a class AND host a party for my mother in law (turning 80!), I think I’ll need to take the month of August OFF!
So whether you be gardening, beaching, or playing in the summer sun – may it always be peaceful beading -

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