Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The countdown….

Show season is almost upon me.  This coming Sunday, the 23rd – is the first of about 6 shows I’ve committed to so far this year.  They may still be one or two later in the fall yet– the summer shows may be the judge of whether or not I deem them worthy – or if I have enough inventory left to do them!  Wouldn’t that be great!?   A total sell out?  Has anyone ever experienced that at an arts and crafts fair I wonder? 

Summer Market

I AM changing things up a bit this summer – at least at the monthly market.  I have a HUGE picnic table to work with – more than an eight footer, AND the bench in front of it as well, so I can spread out or I can load it up.  This time, at least for this first show – I’m going to try a ‘clearance section’.  One end of the table will hold the tall purple racks with clearance and dirt cheap sale items – all things I’ve had around since the shop days (or sadly-before) that are still nice pieces, but just have never floated anyone’s boat. 

001 (2)

The clearance will be a nice one – mostly 50% off – so I HOPE that I will be able to part with a good deal of older things – I really want to start making room for fresh pieces – a little LESS bling – but still very cool.  Lots of beaded beads, and pieces that can be worn more than one way.  I took a little time off of beading for a bit, and worked on another crafty love – crocheting – while letting those bead ideas brew in there.  And now they’re finally once again, bubbling to the surface!  I can’t wait to see what comes of my brewing!
I am also in the process of attempting – once again – to create an original design to submit to Bead & Button.  Or Beadwork.  Or ONE of the popular mags.  I have been fortunate enough to have had a project published ONCE, and two items have been published under the W.O.R.D. (What Our Readers Did) sections.  I’ve also been rejected more times than I can count – so it’s a scary task.  One that I swore I’d never attempt again after my last submission resulted in a similar design by a different artist showing up a few issues later.    I agree that there is such a thing as common thought when it comes to design – there are only so many combinations, and paths, and stitches, etc. – but it just makes you wonder….
That being said - I don’t want to give away too many details – as that is how many designers ideas are stolen before they even reveal them – but I will say that the design involves the new two hole czech tile beads.  I’ve completed two ‘test pieces’ so far – and they’ve been MOM approved!  Now comes creating that third piece – and the daunting task of writing down each and every step, making as few ‘passes’ as possible and still adding the correct amount of beads.  And illustrations.  I still don’t have good software for that. 
All in all – I’m sure if I’m actually accepted this time – my project won’t even appear until sometime next year.  And I still have that display and design book in the back of my brain, too, as well as those new design ideas, color blends, and more!  So – show season here I come!  Wish me luck, girls!  Gotta lotta beadin I wanna do – and momma’s gonna need to buy more BEADS!


Peaceful beading,

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