Saturday, June 22, 2013

Are you On…or OFF?

Facebook, that is.  I am seeing SO MANY posts and articles about people making the proclamation that they are OFF Facebook for good!  That they won’t do Facebook anymore.  That they have too many friends to keep track of so they just give up!  So you do what you have to do.  BUT – I really believe that Facebook can be a wonderful tool IF you use it correctly.  I use mine for two reasons – and both of them seem to work well for me.  My number one reason – keeping in touch with my family – far and wide.  I have seen more photos of my great nieces and nephews, and been in touch with their parents more than I ever would have IRL (in real life).   And just seeing that my mom or a sister in law “likes” a comment or photo helps me know they’re thinkin’ of me – even if it is only for that hot minute.
I ALSO use it for my business.  I DO have a business fan page, but honestly – would rather NOT.  I prefer to do most of my marketing directly from my personal page – which tends to reach the greater amount of people that I KNOW will see what I want them to.  I post info about classes, photos, and just plain silliness.  I try NOT to inundate with shares, or too many likes.  I also believe that being aware of and joining Facebook groups specifically geared towards my field has helped put my name out there, and has definitely gotten me more traffic to my blog and then to my ETSY site.  BONUS! 

Bead Tray LRSH

It also means being aware of your settings.  If you want to be public, and accept jillions of friends from all over – then yeah – maybe you are inundated with newsfeed drivel.  BUT if you use it wisely – know what your settings mean (mine are set to friends and friends of friends), and watch for group invites that will put in contact with those who have things in common with you – you will probably enjoy your daily experience.  I know I do.  My only disappointment of late has been the Facebook Games.  I finally broke down and started playing two of them – only to begin having computer issues and glitches, that according to the geeks of the world – were caused by the games.  So no more games.  Just newsfeed fun, and keeping up with my friends and family.  So I am ON.  Join me, won’t you? 

Peaceful beading,

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Robbie said...

So funny...I always said I wouldn't 'do the FB thing' but I relented this past year and I love it! As you's a great connect with family and friends you haven't seen nor will see! I'm not a professional artist/business person but I still think it's a great way to see others work and connect with other artists...oh, yea...those games can get to you! Hubby and I are competitive playing Jewels Star! And Word Phrase game...a good break from my beading or hand work! But addictive!