Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Selling yourself

It’s not always easy to market ME.  It’s always been a struggle.  But I’m getting better at it.  The link below is to an EXCELLENT article by Warren Feld from Land of Odds Beads in Nashville….I relate to many already – and plan to try and implement some of the rest.  If you are a designer/artist/maker of STUFF that you want to sell – it’s a MUST READ:
Also – LOOK UP again – I’ve added a second page for the jewelry – just to spread it out a bit more;  I’ll probably still add to and change BOTH of them – so make sure you check them BOTH out occasionally. 

Here’s a quick “peek” at what I did yesterday – “Those Baby Blues” – apologies to J. Giles Band…
001$30.00  by PayPal, personal check or if you’re local – cash is ALWAYS WELCOME, BABY!

Off to create with some fall color this afternoon – then to enjoy another fun and informative Astrology Discussion Group night.  I forget how much I learned – and still have crammed in my brain – from those classes….
Peaceful beading,

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