Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Heads up and a warning

I'm afraid someone has decided to start spamming my email from this blog - and may start doing some nefarious things to the blog itself.  I think I made a mistake by actually answering them and telling them to GO AWAY, and they may take offense. (aw. poor babies).   So if you get nasty messages from me - they are not.  If you start seeing blog posts that don't sound like me, and aren't bead/garden/dog or ME related - they probably aren't.
WHY do people get such a kick out of doing things like this?  ARGH.
I'm actually taking a few hours OFF of show prep this evening and am going to start catching myself up on Sons of Anarchy.  Season 4 is FINALLY available through Netflix.   Hello, Jax Teller.  It HAS been awhile.....

Comments to this blog COUNT in the give away.  Just wish it was a happier post.  Idiots.
Peaceful SPAM free beading,


Sally Anderson said...

That totally sucks. I hope they go away & leave you alone! Good luck.

KayzKreationz said...

Hopefully they won't be able to mess with your blog. And most of us know when we get spammed like that it's not the fault of the blogger or the person who's e-mail was hacked. But hope they got their fun & just go away.