Monday, April 4, 2011

And to make matters worse....

Have you ever been asked to make a MAJOR change to a piece of jewelry that you made to sell?  I'm pretty sure many people have - so what do you do?  Are you so unattached from your work that you simply make the change and accept the thanks and money, OR - are you like me - sensitive and OFFENDED when people want to make a change so drastic that it takes away all the character and LIFE from the piece.  I got a call today from a customer that wants the above piece changed - shortened -sure, I can do that, no problem.  AND THE BUDDHA REMOVED!   GACK!  I'm sorry - I may have been a bit short with her when I replied "But it's the NAME of the piece (Joyful Buddha) and the INSPIRATION for the entire thing!"  She SAYS she is going to come by Coyote tomorrow to talk about it, and as another beader has pointed out - it will be better for ME to remove the Buddha, because then I can create something else with it, but still.   Other than asking to have things resized - I can deal with that - anything else is just an insult!  If you want something plain and more normal - GO TO WALMART! 
This entire piece was designed, coordinated and MADE around that Buddha face.  I can't even GET the etched bar pieces anywhere anymore, and finding another toggle like that may be pretty much impossible, so making another one is well, - also impossible.  Besides - I RARELY copy and duplicate my pieces.  I do one of a kind, unique, ART work. 
This, on top of the sadness from this morning, as well as an equally sad family matter that also occurred today, has left me tearful, and ready to just go to bed and pull the covers up over my head.
Here's hoping that tomorrow is a much better, and brighter, day....

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