Sunday, April 17, 2011

Ideas, and plans, and events, Oh, My!

I think my purchase of Sherry Serefini's new book "Sensational Bead Embroidery" has created a monster.  I am currently in love with embroidering cabs!  And while working on yet one more yesterday, I had this thought that the hardest part of all of my pieces always seems to be how to FINISH them; what kind of strap, string, or fancy necklace do I make to hang it from, and do I have all of the right beads, and accents and parts to do it with?  Then it dawned on me.  DON'T.  Just sell them as pendants, and offer a variety of ribbon, chain, and other types of simple things for the buyer to wear them on, as well as offering to 'finish' it for them if they would like to pay just a bit extra.  GENIUS!  I hope.  And since I've been so indecisive about "In Need of Calmer Seas" and how to finish IT - I won't!

It will be the first that I will offer as just a pendant, with many color and texture options offered for necklace pieces. The fact that it is just the pendant portion keeps the cost down, while still offering a unique and different pendant that they can put on any chain or ribbon or cord or whatever that they want!  I made these really cool little "hang tags" and will now be having fun FILLING all of them.  And here's another thought that comes to me mid blog stroke  - I wonder how receptive the Art Gallery customers would be to them? Hm. I have to call them next week, anyway. 
So that was the idea portion of the blog.  Here's the PLAN:
The art market.  Do I?  Or Don't I?   Like I said, I did fairly well last year, but not as well as I'd hoped. But it was my first year.  And although we are underneath a covered park pavilion, the weather still needs to cooperate for people to be out and about. The first one of last years began with heavy rain and tornado warning, the last one with strong winds that blew over all but the heaviest of displays.  Plus,  I don't feel that they did their part in advertising the event as they claimed they would...BUT - at the same time, they sent a poster with the application form that I myself can easily copy and do my own advertising with.  As well as the fact that I am now in a totally different venue with my beads, and am in a more likely position to attract people that may be interested.  The fee did go up slightly - but is still very affordable since they provide the tables and location.  Also - my name and face will be familiar to any returning shoppers, something that ALL of the vendors from last years event claim is important with that type of crowd.  So I THINK, by way of blogging, I just talked myself into another year of market vending.
And last but not least, the EVENT - having an open house to introduce myself to the Coyote crowd was my idea, and they loved it.  I thought that was genius, too.  We're having fun with it, coming up with ways to get people in the door, to come and stay and have fun - but by doing so - I TOTALLY made a huge amount of work for myself!  I'm going to have to take an entire week off if I want to get done with all of the freebies and demo samples, and be prepared.  Not to mention my whole new personal make over, which I'm keeping the details of under wraps until after the 'do is done!  So why do I DO this to myself?  Mostly - cuz I love beads, and want to share my passion with the world.  Partly - cuz I'm crazy.  Just a lil bit.  But in a good way....
Off to the 'beading board', peeps!  Have a peaceful, beady Sunday,


erwines said...

Really like all your new ideas, Sheryl, and look forward to seeing your new "do".

Unknown said...

I have loved cabs and rocks for a long time, totally understand!