Friday, April 15, 2011

Forgotten creations

I totally forgot about this piece when I posted about the Seahorses this morning.  This was part of my ocean exhibit at the East Lansing Art Gallery a couple YEARS ago - and it's now packed away in a box.  I need to get her out and give her another chance to shine -especially now that Seahorses seem to be becoming popular. 
Here are some of the other 'beachy pieces' that were displayed with the above one (Playful Sea).  I still have all but one of area of Michigan just isn't a popular beach jewelry venue, I guess.  Time to break them out again though - summer will be here before we know it...

There are actually a few more that I will save for another day....I think I can do a whole TABLE of beach stuff at this rate.  The only one of these that has sold so far is the center one - A Day at the Beach, with the Swarovski Starfish pendant.  Let's hope this year is beachier for jewelry sales!


Robbie said...

I like all your pieces but the last one really caught my eye. Very nice!

coolmoon said...

I'm partial to that one, too, Robbie. It was my FIRST successful attempt at creating my own polymer clay mold. I had planned to varnish and paint it, but rather liked the natural flesh look, so kept it as it was. The little brown "beads" are actually cocoa seeds. Given to me by a friend that got them in Hawaii. So it truly is as the name of the piece states "Island Dreamer". This one will be going to the art gallery I sell in sometime in the next few weeks.