Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday - with a name

Here is the pendant piece from this  morning - almost complete.  "In Need of Calmer Seas" (see the little row boat?) ended up being more seaswept than Native American - where I THOUGHT it was going at first.  I still have to add in the Amazonite chips, and add the bail, the silk cord, and the ceramic and handmade peyote tubes to go with it, so it will be a full fledged piece.  If it's done in time and I feel it's worthy - it will go to the Art Gallery.  If not - who knows?  Not adding new items on Etsy anymore, so I'll have to try and find another outlet.  (My own website you say?  haha.  Funny).
Great day for beading here in Michigan - rainy, gray, cold and blah outside.  Bright, light and BEADY inside!

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