Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bead Table Wednesday....and stuff

I'm not sure when or how it happened - but in the last week or so, I've become addicted to cabochons.  All of a sudden everything I want to create, the idea starts with a bead embroidered cab.  So here is one of the first - there are others in progress, but this is the best - this is Prehnite, with iris metallic, teal metallic, and off white beads worked in.  I just added the squares around the edge - and will now add what I THINK will be the final round of prehnite rondelles and seed beads.  Thinking this one may be a pin, or I may just add a simple peyote bail and sell it as a pendant alone.  I had pretty good luck with those in the past - brings the cost down a little, because you're not adding the extra necklace portion, and allows the wearer to 'mix it up' by using whatever chain, ribbon or thing they want to wear it on.  AND, I already have about 5 more (6 counting the poor neglected fairy head) cabs awaiting my attention.  HOWEVER - those may all be put aside after tomorrow.  Tomorrow is field trip day!  A trip to one of the best beads stores anywhere, EVER - Bead Haven in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  Heading there for the day (about 1 1/2 hours away) with 6 other bead-iful ladies, for a day of fun, food and of course, beads. So I know I'll be picking up HUGE lots more beads, and getting loads of new ideas in the process.   And Frankenmuth is a fun place for a bead store, because it's a tourist town, with other places and boutiques and shops to visit as well.  I doubt we'll even TRY to hit Bronner's - which is what Frankenmuth is known for.  The Christmas store - acres and acres of Christmas ornaments, gift items, toys, and wonderful holiday spirit - year round.  But it takes HOURS just walk through, and all my bead money would be gone, cuz even though I don't need Christmas ornaments any more than I need beads - I STILL BUY THEM!  So I think we've all agreed to skip Bronners, head straight for the HAVEN, and then downtown for food and other shopping.  I sure hope the weather's better than today,'s ugly out there today.
Bead happy, everyone!  Off to the bead table I go...

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