Monday, July 28, 2014

Whirlwind weekend!

WOW!   I think I need a T-Shirt that says "I survived my two-show weekend".  What a rush!  And a profitable one too!
I am not sure why, after all these years - I still worry, fret and OBSESS about these shows before they come up.  Especially the ones I've never done before.  Something about the unknown, I guess...
Saturday's Williamston ArtFest on the River was simply amazing from start to finish.  The rain that the weather dudes had been threatening stayed away, the temps were perfect with no humidity.  Hubby was the perfect set up helper (more info about set up later in the blog), my LOCATION was divine, and my sales -Well. Cha. CHING!  I did better at this art fair than I have at any other show ever before - EVEN those here at my house!  A few people had told me before I signed up that this particular area of mid-Michigan would 'appreciate' my work.  And boy, did they!  Some very BIG art pieces went bye bye this weekend - like Daydream Believer - I'll miss this one - but the woman that bought it was delighted and excited to own it:

A few other big pieces went too - Fairy Path was one that included some beautiful art glass from our Bead Soup Challenge goddess Lori McDaniel Anderson
The set - the earrings and necklace - were purchased as a gift by a woman for her future daughter in law.  

I also sold MUCH MUCH MUCH Enlightened Denim, and am going to be working my fingers to the BONE to make more before this coming Saturdays show.  The sales were absolutely wonderful all day long, as well as the compliments - I WORE "Mariposa" - talk about a conversation starter!  
BUT - one of the best parts of the day (cuz I still have to admit the HUGE money was the best) - I actually won a "Fine Art" award from the organizers!

I was floored and flattered.  And honored.  :)

It really was a beautiful day.  Despite the earlier worries.  One of the unknowns that always keeps me obsessing and awake at night is SET UP for these shows.  I even went so far as to set up my tables in my living room for a few days, and decide how I wanted them set up.  BUT - that can all go out the window when you learn where you are located among the other vendors.  In Saturday's case - a very HIGH traffic, gorgeous CORNER.  Which meant people coming from two directions.  So out the window goes the table plan, so that I can arrange things to be seen from two sides.  I think it worked out quite well, with the tent sides of the vendor next door forming a nice backdrop for one of my tables:

This tent display set up is one of my favorites yet, and I'm hoping to remember how I did it for the show next weekend.  And again - because I have NO IDEA where I'll be among the other vendors - I may or may not need to employ my 'corner view' display skills...  

All in all it was a wonderful day, with no drama, issues, rain or rants.  I wasn't even exhausted afterward - which made doing Sunday's 4th Sunday Market a breeze!  Literally!  It was a little windy near the end of the day, but again - the rain held off for us until we were safe back home.   Sales started slow for me, but picked up at the end of the day, with another big art piece finding it's way to a new home:

"Sunrise Song" was a piece inspired by a beautiful rural sunrise photo taken by a family member back in the spring.
My table display for yesterdays' market was also one of my best yet.  That corner shelf unit has been one of my BEST display purchases in a long time.  I am still using my signature purple, but have toned it down with the teals and beige.  I get many compliments on these colors.

I enjoy using my animal print displays though too - so I may swap in a few of those for fall.

An excellent weekend.  I'll have a pretty busy week making up some new items before Saturday.  Then I'll get a two week rest before I get to do it all AGAIN!
It will still be
Peaceful beading.


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Lori Anderson said...

I've done a lot of shows, and have never ever ever won a prize. You should be very proud!!!