Saturday, August 18, 2012


Having just been browsing through my Facebook status updates and fan pages, I came across a link to someone's blog that was giving people IDEAS to use for writing their blogs.  It just kind of struck me as funny.  I ASSUMED (my bad) that in most cases, people who blogged already HAD a penchant for writing, and making their thoughts and feelings known, and were willing to let the general public in on their worst thoughts and fears - or at least their worst recipes or beading projects.  Well. I obviously have NO PROBLEM finding something to blog (aka babble) about.  Trivial.  Unimportant.  Probably boring to most.  But their my words, and I'll babble with them if I want to.
So there.

Just felt the need to put that out there.  For some reason. 

Here's a pretty photo from garden earlier this year.  I'm already starting to see and feel the changes that fall will bring - my beautiful morning glory vine is fading, and getting spindly - at the end of it's bloom.  The marigolds, however - are popping out everywhere - their orange and yellow faces smiling rain or shine.  I hope to add a few buckets of mums here and there.  And then the leaves will begin to fall, and then well....let's just enjoy summer a bit longer, shall we?

And actually - this was the Sweet Pea back in June.  We just noticed yesterday, that it doing a second bloom - so this is what it looks like right now, pretty much too.  See, still holding on to summer.
Now if we could just get those tomatoes to get ripe! 

The welcome fairy.  She greets us as we begin to walk the path.  I believe she may be the fairy that left the quarter behind the flower pot sometime in the last day or two.  How else does a quarter end up in the garden?  ;0)
Peaceful beading,

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