Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Did I say relaxed? NOT

So much for a fairly relaxed week.  Once again my schedule is filled with unplanned bookstore hours.  And as much as I was looking forward to the free time - I'm glad to work them so that those that WERE scheduled can be available to comfort my friend and her husband after the loss of their daughter and grand-son.  As well as the fact that on top of THAT - another store employee lost someone in THEIR family as well.   I hope this planetary meeting, shift, paradigm, whatever it IS - moves on soon.  We could all use the peace.
Shopping with mom yesterday was fun.  I wasn't impressed with the boutique I was told to check on, though, so didn't even introduce myself.  I think those girls are going to find out the hard way come holiday season (if they're there that long) that you can't just put $100 necklaces out on a free standing shelf, and not under glass.  It's going to walk away.  I wouldn't be comfortable having them display my work in that manner.  It needs a bit more security than that. I have my items out on a table - free standing so to speak - when I do shows - but I am right there, and can keep an eye on what's happening.  And still there's a rare occasion when something will disappear.  But in the mall - there's an even bigger chance - entryways in 2 directions (this store is right next to an exit door too), only one clerk, who wasn't really doing a good job of paying attention.  It just wasn't the right fit for me.  Cute store.  HIGH prices.  I wish them luck. 
The rest of the trip mainly consisted of bead shopping.  Mom had requested an "ALL WHITE" jewelry set, with NO pearl.  It's not as easy as it sounds, kids.  I've been shopping the various stores for the right beads - plain, opaque white is NOT an easy thing to find.  So we hit a different Hobby Lobby store than usual, as well as the BIG JoAnn superstore.  Finally hit the jackpot there.  Mom also got lucky at Hobby Lobby - there's a large metal decorative grate she's been wanting for a space on the outside of their summer home here in Michigan, and she could just never justify the price.  FINALLY.  50% off.  Could barely get that puppy in the HHR - but we did it.  It's going to pop on the front of their house.  Can't wait to see it. 
And as far as the all white jewelry.  I don't think it turned out half bad:

It's very MOM.  The necklace clasp is actually a hook and eye type with extra chain, so that she can adjust it for her outfits.  I bet she'll get a lot of use out of this down in Florida.
Busy next few days.  Hope I can get to the babbles.  If not....I bet you'll survive.  ;0)
Peaceful beading,


Sally Anderson said...

It's amazing how all-white is not at all bland! I love your choice of beads and it really does look great! Lucky Mom!!

Amy F said...

Love the white pieces! It is hard to find cool white beads that are not pearls - you did a great job :)