Thursday, August 2, 2012

Rebirth is almost born

Just having trouble with the closure section.  I had spent all day yesterday creating a simple, 2 bead peyote strap like what Rachel Nelson Smith taught me a couple weeks ago.  Alas - it just didn't look right when I got it close to the proper length.  So back to the bead drawing board for the back portion.  Any suggestions?

I may have to come up with a couple more smaller size cabs and create a cab closure with snaps.  Still not quite sure where or how she'll be making her debut - on me or on display at my next market.  Not an inexpensive piece, though - I have a habit of creating detail heavy (aka expensive) pieces.  It's just how I roll....I wish I could rock out a sale!  This one's gonna be around $250.00....
Peaceful beading,

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