Saturday, August 18, 2012

Darkness befalls me

Not necessarily in my mood - although I've gone there a few times in recent weeks for a day or so, but no - this time - it's my HAIR.  My NORMAL color is a rather mousy brown.  I have GREAT hair as far as curl, and body, and thickness - every stylist I've ever gone to has complimented me on my hair.  I consider it one of my best features.  But the color usually needs a little help.  Especially once the gray started setting in around the edges.  I USUALLY go more toward red - seeing how I have a dad, and two brothers with carrot top red hair, it seemed a natural choice.  But this time, something said - go dark.  So instead of Sangria - I chose Nutmeg.  A deep dark brownish black.  Not quite Goth - but way darker than usual.  I've changed my Facebook profile photo to me with my new 'do.  What do you think?

Not real wild about photos of myself - I generally tend to stay out of as many as possible.  But sometimes - it's all about me!  me!  ME!  LOL!
And thanks to the girls who've chimed in about my next project so far.  I AM veering toward
Fade to Fall -

 but won't have any bead time until tomorrow at least, anyway - so I'll wait and see if there is any more input before I decide.
I guess to day is "'rent Day" is in visiting the PARENTS on BOTH sides.  First mine - then his.
Yippee skippee.
Peaceful beading, it's a beautiful day,

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