Sunday, August 26, 2012

Most comments EVER!

20 as of just a minute ago!  That's the most ever - thanks to the Bead Soup Challenge.  Cool. 
I finally finished hopping when I got home and needed to destress from the Market today.  I did OK.  Not great.  But way better than the 3 bucks I made at June's Market.  The internet cooperated today, too, thank goodness, so I made it through to the end of the hop in record time.

Here are a couple of photos from my market table display.  I know I spend a lot of time on display and presentation compared to some of the others - but it's worth it, I think.  I had a customer tell me today that my table was the prettiest, shucks.  Are you sure you don't wanna BUY something?  lol

I love my newly teal painted display piece.  I will totally use it way more now.  Makes that table POP!  PLUS the new peacock BOX I found - standing up, with the feathers captured in the fold, holding a necklace that matches the top knot on the queen herself.  Really made a statement, AND...I made an elderly woman go all teary eyed.  She saw the peacock feathers and reminisced about her parents and her parents parents raising peacocks on their farm.  I was going to give her one of the feather bunches - but I lost her in the crowd.  She said she enjoyed my display, too....sniff. sniff.

Busy week this week - beading date, maybe TWO, hope to hear about whether or not I got the job I interviewed for, store hours, book club hours, MUST make time for both Mom hours and Sandy hours.   Hoooo boy.  Summer is almost DONE!  Where did it GO!?!
Hope you enjoyed the hop as much as I did.  I think this 3rd one was my favorite - so much creative use of beads this time - I think my favorite was the KUMIHIMO CHIPS lariat!  AWESOME!
And the curtain rings for the artists new home were a creative genius too!
Peaceful beading,

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