Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The magic bracelet

I've been meaning to blog about this - and finally remembered to take a photograph today.
This is a bracelet that I made about 4 or 5 years ago - An embellished herringbone.  As you can see - the original bracelet is white, with embellishments of an odd size seed bead I found at one of the LBS'es - I think they're like a size 14 galvanized hex, or something like that.
Anyway - this is what it looked like brand new:

After having it in the shop inventory for awhile, and then at a few shows, I decided I would keep it for myself, but because I don't wear white a whole lot - it kinda got pushed around and buried in the box I was using for bracelets.
Fast forward to this summer, when I suddenly had the perfect outfit with which to wear a white embellished herringbone bracelet.
Only NOW - now it's taken on a new look - like magic:

 I'm assuming that the galvanized gold "tarnished", but how it managed to tarnish in several different colors is a mystery to me.  Probably not to a science nerd - but it is to me.  I actually like it much better THIS way - the colors really pop against the tan I've gotten this summer, and I've been wearing it quite a bit.
So there you have it.  My magic bracelet.    ;0)
Working on something totally new and different today.  While shopping for Mom's all white beads yesterday, I came across a very cool turquoise focal, and some accent beads to go along.   The colors that I'm pairing with the turquoise focal are not typical - they just happened to be hanging right next to it - and I decided I kinda liked them together.  You'll have to let me know if you agree when I finally get a finished photo posted.
Peaceful beading,


Sally Anderson said...

It seems so odd that the finish on those beads didn't "age" the same way so that they'd still look alike, just different from how they started. I agree -- it does look really cool like this. Who'dathunk???
Glad to hear that you didn't get turquoised out! Can't wait to see what you're making!

coolmoon said...

I know right? I thought it was quite magic that they turned that way. Maybe someday I'll run into some science nerd/bead lover that can explain to me why they did that. Until then - the magical mystery remains.
Hope you're doing well, Sally. ONE more week to go!