Saturday, September 28, 2013

Back in the swing

It's taken me a few days - but I'm finally getting back in the swing of laptop usage.  A few things are changed - and a LOT of things are better.  It pays to have a really really good tech.  I HOPE.  :)  Crossing fingers again that I don't have to see him again for awhile...
I made a few price changes and added a few newbies to the jewelry pages.  Both of the Halloween themed pieces are listed on the "MORE" jewelry page if you choose to have a gander.  Please email me at for PayPal instructions if there is anything you see that you simply MUST have!
Otherwise - my calendar is pretty empty - no shows again til mid October - and neither class that is coming up have sign ups as of YET - hope that changes, but not holding my breath.  Competing with the big box stores around here when I'm not doing it one on one on my own is practically impossible.  Just like everything else - they can always sell it cheaper - and people don't always CARE if it's better....  ~sigh~
But on a positive note -   pretty cool news for me - SOLD this week:

As well as several clearance items that mom wanted before heading off to sunny Florida for the winter.
The intake doesn't take long to OUTGO - between DOG needed things like heartworm meds and food, as well as necessities like people FOOD and GAS - well - I sure hope a few people visit and PURCHASE from one or more of my jewelry pages! Or take a class, or come and buy at my shows....  :D
It's going to be a beautiful fall;  just talked to hubby today about taking some time to head up on another Michigan color tour - so I HOPE to have some wonderful photos to show you of our Pure Michigan landscapes again quite soon.
Here's a few I took LAST fall:

Fallasburg Bridge, Lowell, MI
Always so beautiful.  It's my favorite time of year!
Peaceful beading,

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