Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A little glitch…a lotta plans

Well, that was fun.  Not one, but TWO computer viruses in one week that made it impossible for me to update you on my latest news!  Still learning to do things a bit differently too – tech guy suggested I try to LIMIT my laptop use.  Hm.  I’ll work on that.  But since social media and THIS BLOG are my advertising sources – I gotsta do what I gotsta do.  So I hope I can still manage to keep you updated consistently.  You may have noticed yet another PAGE has been added above:  There is now a class and events page!  Definitely going to have to keep that updated.  And they seem to get added every day (how cool is that?) so check back often!
I will also be posting by the weekend about my very exciting bead show/party tomorrow night.  I think I’m going to keep most of it secret (although if you’ve been on Facebook, you’ve seen my posts about it) until after the fact.  One thing that hasn’t been on Facebook, and that you’ll only see here for now – is this little teaser:

I’m changing things up a bit for this show, notice – NO PURPLE.  AND – my outfit will MATCH my table displays.  It’s a very prestigious and exciting gig – can’t wait to share the AFTER photos!

I’m also (not so) patiently awaiting news from Fire Mountain Gems about where I placed in the seed bead contest.  I submitted Mariposa, Mariposa.jpg

and she made it to the ‘second round’, which required sending her to their warehouse in OREGON.  I know she got there safely, but haven’t had an update since.  I THINK they are supposed to choose winners by end of this month. 

Fingers crossed, kids!  x fingers

Lots of exciting things happening on the Cool Moon horizon.  So glad I’m making people happy with my jewelry.  Here are just a few pieces that have been purchased, and will be going to new homes in the next few weeks:

skytribe.jpgSunrise Canyon.jpg

Peaceful beading,

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