Sunday, May 30, 2010

Beautiful day

Sunday.  Beautiful, warm, sunny.  Perfect holiday weekend weather.  Too bad we didn't have any plans to do anything wild and wonderful. It would have been the perfect weekend for a boat cruise and a bonfire.  Too bad we don't know anyone that can invite us for something like that!  :0)   It's been pretty much same old, same old.  I did manage to complete another of my 'Versatile Vintage' necklaces yesterday.  Gunmetal, vitrail, and very vintage-y.  And the bracelet, I'm naming "Shades of Lorelei" - because although it matches the newest necklace, I think Lorelei Eurto's design style may have inspired me.  I promise to have photos soon.  I will try very hard to part with this one.  My mom says I HAVE to start parting with some of them, or I'll never make a profit.  Truer words were never spoken. 
Having the newly arrive snowbird parents over for dinner today.  They haven't had much time to really settle in to their summer place, or get groceries, etc. - so I thought it would be a fun way to catch up (well, besides the dinner at Applebee's within hours of there arrival).  Did I miss them?  yes i did.  And apparently my brothers have too.  One of them has invited her to celebrate Memorial Day - and doesn't want to share by inviting the rest of us. Whatever. How rude.  ;0)
Hope everyone has a great holiday.  And a very happy beading summer! 

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