Thursday, November 18, 2010

Twas the night before Art Market....

All 20 pieces of jewelry have been safely delivered to The Lansing Art Gallery for the Holiday Art Market.
I had answered the 'call' for artists about 3 weeks ago - and didn't hear a thing after that.  So I figured I missed the deadline with the date so quickly approaching.  So to what should my wondering eyes appear but an EMAIL on FRIDAY exclaiming that I'm IN!  Except that the sale begins TOMORROW, and the gallery didn't open again until TUESDAY.  So I had the weekend to pull together some of my finest work - a nice  mix of sets, single pieces, funky pieces, etc.  And then contacted them on Tuesday.  Then the real rush began - I had pulled together about a dozen pieces - they wanted TWENTY!  And they wanted them by 10am the next day!  So diving back in to my detail oriented designs, including some of my OWN collection, I parted with enough to give me the twenty pieces they so generously requested.  Whew. 
So they're all ready for new homes.  At 50% commission - which I despise.  But this IS a prestigeous gallery, so I jacked up my asking prices and protested not. 
Couldn't bring myself to include "Forest Floor", but I did include "Spirit Tree", "Radiance" and "Moroccan Twilight" - my Use the Muse contest piece from last year. 
Wish me luck!  Last time I was juried in (about 4 years ago), I sold over 1/2 of my 30 piece inventory. And THAT'S a good thing....

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