Monday, October 25, 2010

Bad day....

As if being off sick wasn't frustrating enough....I finally arrive back at my bead shop today, after a 9 day absence, only to discover that someone (and I'm really hoping we're talking about a SMALL child, here) DUMPED an ENTIRE tube of size 11 seed beads out in a pile on the floor (not out in the open, but in a somewhat hidden corner), and left the tube and cap behind as well.  ALSO - they dumped a packet of size 12 beading needles out onto the glass countertop, and then put the packet back in the tray.  I'm sure it was the same unsupervised BRAT, or a completely insane adult, but either way - I was LIVID.  Not to mention the fact that I'm still all coughy and hacky, and tired and just plain cranky.   I realize that this could have happened even had I been there recently, but I still don't know why none of the other clerks noticed or DID anything about it.  That is the problem with having the type of shop I have - a booth (well, larger than a booth-a large space, really) inside an antiques and flea market - so there isn't always someone there everyday all day (10am-8pm would suck the life out of me if I did it everyday).   I managed to salvage most of the seed beads, but can't resell what I recovered.  I really wish I could get my hands on the little....ah, anyway.
Another day - another rant.  At least it's about beads this time!

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Karyn said...

Ohhh picking up seed bead is one of my pet hates.. especially if it is on carpet as they just fly everywhere when you try to pick them up!

Hopefully tomorrow won't be so bad :)