Monday, October 4, 2010

Still readin' it old school

This is one of those non bead blog rants, so I apologize to all of The Hive readers expecting bead news...
I've been wanting, wanting, ok, COVETING a KINDLE ebook reader for months and months and months.
I finally manifested a comparable model that ALSO had Facebook access, email access, and HAD photo AND music files so I could have a portfolio slideshow right there at my fingertips, along with family photos, etc.  THOSE were the selling points of this model, rather than the actual Kindle.  I read books almost as much as I bead, but having those extras was a BONUS.  Ha.  Likely story.
After fighting and stressing over it for 4 days - it's going back to the store where it came from.  And I HOPE they will give me a CASH REFUND (I paid cash - I want cash).  I am very disappointed that after all that, the Pandigital brand does not support my email provider.  And you can't do much on it without the email - that's how you import the photos and music, and of course - CHECK EMAIL. 
I've spent part of today re - researching not only the Kindle, but also the Barnes & Noble Nook.  Both nice, but neither have the extras of photo and music or EMAIL.  So - onward - and upward.  I'm now looking at upgrading and changing my prepaid phone to a fancy schmancy ADULT phone - the Samsung Fascinate.  WOW.  I have a friend that owns one.  It's like a playground in your hand!  It does EVERYTHING!  FREE apps for recipes, decorating, and I bet, even beading if I look for one. 
May still attempt to get that Kindle someday - although the library does still provides me with as many great books as I want - FOR FREE.
TTFN - sorry bout the rant.  Next one will be bead related - I promise!

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CraftyHope said...

just a suggestion, but have you considered an iPad? I know they're pricey but they can do everything you need and more!