Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bead free days

I haven't beaded in almost a week.  That's rare for me - since I usually even manage to tweek a project when I'm on vacation, or start a new one with all the newbies I get.  BUT - when you're feeling yucky, and hacking and blowing every 30 seconds (it seems), beading seems like a lot of work, not to mention that one sneeze and the whole lapthing goes flying.  Or the needle flings off into oblivion.  And then there's the germs.  Especially if I plan to sell the piece I'm working on, I don't think others would appreciate my germy breath and fingers all over the beadwork.  So I refrain.  But it might just make me feel better, take my mind off my stuffy nose, and my pounding head.    I've been doing a lot of surfing the bead blogs and my favorite buying sites though.  And I'm getting sort of antsy to get at some of those new projects I have waiting, since I've seen some of the beautiful work being done by others.  LOTS and LOTS of cab work.  And seed bead detail.  That's my kind of beading.  I need to get back to it.  I've been working outside my comfort zone lately, with those Rings N Things Steampunk pieces, which I turned into a cool watch pendant, and some simple holiday pieces for last weeks show.  I miss the REAL beading, the down and dirty, don't even pay attention to the phone ringing details of real artistic work.
So maybe I can manage to just get out my boxes today.  I brought them home.  They're calling my name.  It might not hurt to do a little scribbling of some ideas - if I can get the snot out of my head long enough to come up with one!
TTFN everyone - bead happy - and healthy if you can!

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