Saturday, December 8, 2012

More bird babble

Instead of talking turkey this time (who, according to the zoo postings, is enjoying gourmet bird food and more notoriety than any turkey should be allowed to have), we're talking ANGRY!  If you've been a follower of these posts, or read my FB page - then you know about my OTHER addiction - well, ONE of them anyway.  I don't care if it IS a kids game - they SAY it is for ages 0-4.  Are ya kiddin' me?  Angry Birds has got to be one of the most fun, most frustrating games ever!  Even for this 53 year old!   I finally got the latest version - STAR WARS - working properly on my Nook, not without issue and having to start over with everything from scratch, erasing all previous Angry Bird scores and level clearing.  The birds are back to square one.  The pigs are happier than pigs in, well, you know.

Last night I took an Angry Birds break and fulfilled my duty as celebrity judge! (YEP, you read that right.  CELEBRITY!) at my friends kids elementary school gingerbread house contest.  Those kids - and parents - take their houses seriously!  They actually vote with MONEY for the one they think is best, dubbing it People's Choice, for which they win cool prizes - this time it was movie passes for the entire family from the local cinema!  Other prizes were worth while too, like county park parking passes for an entire year (something that's on my hubby's Christmas list), sled hill passes (our sled hills are a big deal), and mini golf packages.  Ironically - even though I was taking a break from the birds - here is the winner of the People's Choice Award:

Yep.  Birds and pigs.  SQUAWK!

So today I find myself with NOTHING planned.  And a hubby working overtime.  And another frustrating level of Angry Birds to clear.  And beads that are calling my name.  And it's snowing.  So I don't even want to think about going anywhere.  Happy Saturday to ME!
Peaceful beading and BIRDING if you dare,

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