Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Merry...

This year is one of first in awhile that I've had the Christmas spirit.  It may have been because of the holiday craft show held here a few weeks ago (that long ago, already?)  I had to have my outdoor decorations up for the event, and streamed Christmas music throughout on Pandora.  So it settled in.  For a long winters nap!   lol.  Except that it hardly feels like WINTER out there - it's going to be 60 degrees or better today!  I will definitely be going out and about getting some shopping done while it's warm enough to not have to worry about schlepping a coat, and hat and bundling up, and then sweating my butt off in the stores.   So I'm feeling rather merry about the whole thing this year.  Trying very hard not to let the scrooges around me (and that LIVE with me) get to me.  Spread the love and threaten to give hugs to the grinches. 

I've also had opportunity to do a little beading in the last week or so (that FUN time I talked about recently).  Here is a completed set called "Desert Garnet":

Not sure what I'll do with her (definite female energy about this one).  It will just be one more piece awaiting the first big show of the season.  I hope to have a few more new things to debut too.  Sally and I have been spending at least one day a week doing a play date, and I am thinking of returning to the group I once belonged to as well.  LOTS of beading buddies.  Although my ALONE time beading is still my favorite....

Hope you're all finding many things to be merry about this holiday season.  Another reason for my glee - for the first time in about 5 years - all of my brothers, and their families and my parents will be together under one roof for Christmas.  HOORAY!  Christmas Eve was for many, many years our family Christmas day - and it just hasn't felt right to stay home and do nothing for the last few years.  My brothers all started having other commitments, and we just never found a way to spend it together without our parents.  It still wouldn't have seemed the same.  So THIS year - I have much to merry and thankful for.  And beware local shoppers - I'm spreadin' the merry!
Peaceful beading,

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