Thursday, December 20, 2012

One more whirl

I don't know about you, but I will be glad when everyone stops talking about the whole 'Mayan Calendar' bit.  Being involved in the metaphysical world, it's been a topic of conversation lately with various friends that are also astrologers, psychics, intuitives, and mystics, and we all agree that it is a DIFFERENT cycle than our Georgian calendar, and really not a calendar at all.  It simply means a new beginning; great change, planetary shifts that are indeed bringing about changes that are monumental-but not destructive.  WE WILL live to see another day - and thankfully - Christmas! We'll all be giving this world one more whirl come Saturday.  Count on it.
I'm also giving my Etsy site one more whirl.  I almost didn't.  In fact, if you're a fan of my Cool Moon Facebook fan page, I posted last week that I'd probably be closing it for good soon.  I'd forgotten that I ordered 500 new business cards a few weeks before - all with the Etsy site address still on them.  So.  One more whirl.  But with mostly JEWELRY this time instead of beads.  And I'm not sure why.  ALL I've ever sold on that site is beads.  I've listed jewelry pieces from time to time - some heavily embroidered, some simple string necklaces and bracelets.  A wide range of prices.  AND NO jewelry sales.  EVER.  NOT ONE.  So call me crazy.  Caught up in the what the hell it's the end of the world excitement (jokingly, of course).  So all trying to shop online. 

Anyway - let me leave you with the Mayan Calendar cartoon that's been hanging on the door of my refrigerator for the last 6 months.  Enjoy.  Long after the world is supposed to stop turning....

Indeed, everyone IS freaking out.  CHILL OUT.  Or as all pins on Pinterest say....
CALM DOWN and ______.  As in CALM DOWN and do anything else.  In my case- BEAD.

Peaceful holiday beading,

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