Saturday, November 12, 2011

Prep pep

Down to my last day of prep for my open house sale tomorrow.  It's going fairly well so far - the front room, escentially the formal living room I never use, has been completely transformed - everything fit and worked exactly as I had hoped in that room.  The dining room, however - not so much.  I'll be working on squeezing table number 3 in there today, and table number 4 will just have to remain in the trunk of my car.  I supposed I could set it up in yet another room - but that would have to wait until last minute tomorrow if I decide to.
I'll take photos when I'm done - but it's turning out quite nice.   I just hope I have some peeps.  Boy, there sure are alot of my friends and family 'busy' on Sunday.  Mmmhmm.  Whatever. 
Still plugging away on this ancient desktop.  For whatever reason the words I type on the keyboard don't flow automatically to the screen - I have to stop and wait for the computer to catch up with me.  Frustrating.  Maddening.  I think I've pretty much decided to go with the original offer by the Vertex guys on the purchase of a new laptop - but I'm still nowhere close to having the funds for that.  I'm not going to take anymore out of savings for things like that.  It's bad enough we had an unexpected vet visit this week. Poor Bella.  Confined to her little white head cone for a few more days.  She somehow and for some reason scratched herself raw by one ear.  No ear infection.  Just a few soon to be dead pesky fleas.  Poor baby.
And for those of you that are here because you went to the website.  Sorry!  I attempted to update the site yesterday, and found that I've misplaced the password, and that Wordpress won't accept my email request for a new one for some strange reason.  So - it may be back to the drawing board on the website thing.  But glad you stopped here.  Keeping this maintained lately has been touchy too - I'll try to do better!  I'm thinking of posting 'a piece a day', complete with price and email for purchase request.  Or maybe a second blog devoted specifically to that.  Like I said - thinking.
Off to enjoy an hour or two of quiet beading before the remaining room prep begins.  Tomorrow morning will be devoted to food prep and ME prep. 

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