Monday, September 12, 2011

Getting what we're worth

I hate to sound like a broken record, because this subject has been broached by many people in the last few months, but since it just came up in conversation with a 'student' of beading, I thought it might be worth the blog bites again....
Be sure when you are pricing your jewelry, that you are including what you are worth (the time you put into it) into the price structure. 
I found it interesting that this particular student of beading, whom I've gotten to know over the past 14 months or so, has completely changed her tune in that regard.  Finally.  She was hell bent on selling her work at shows, any show, no matter what the cost.  She would sometimes sell a necklace with $20 worth of beads, and another $10 worth of work into it, for a mere $8 or $9.  She always felt it was better to sell than have it for the next show, or the one after that, or the one after that.  I think she's finally seen the error of her ways.  She has also, though, decided to give up on shows until she has 'mastered' the art of beading.  I don't know if that's necessary, I think she just needs to find the right market - but at least she's finally getting that this is a serious business, and that what we do, and the time we put into it, the gas we use to drive the car to the shows, and the set up, etc., is all WORTH something.  And if the work is good (hers is getting there) it should reflect that. 
Now, on the flip side of that - I've seen some very lousy work lately that had price tags on them that were way higher than I would spend on something so shoddy - but if they too are using that mentality, combined with paying retail for their beads, then the price may reflect that.  BUT - I think there needs to be a level of professionalism to the work too.  Etsy is a great example of some really crappy work with really hefty price tags, but I've seen it at some of the craft shows, too.
So tomorrow begins my venture as a regular tutor for Sally - probably every other week to start.  If she's gonna do it, and wants to be serious about doing it, then she wants to do it right.  We'll see how it goes....
And last but not least - here is "Crone's Garden".  Another of my fancy schmancy Face of the Goddess pieces that no one else seems to appreciate.  I love her - so she may be mine:

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