Sunday, September 11, 2011

Ups and downs

I thought this blog post would be angrier.  And I'm still a bit miffed, I guess you could say, but because I AT LEAST got a call back and an apology, it seems just a bit softened somehow....
My student for the 2 week intensive Feng Shui class that started today - WAS A NO SHOW!  Now, come on - you just signed up for it on Thursday.  The least you could do is get the date(s) right.  I was throroughly and completely PISSED at first, especially since I've been rushing for two days to complete it so that I could present it with the professional air in which I intended.  And then to have them just not show up.  Urgh.  So I called the number she left at the desk, and of course - her business number.   But after waiting another 15 minutes or so, she did call and apologize, and explained that she thought it started NEXT week.  So we'll be doing an even more intensive, longer session next Sunday, as doing it two weeks in a row now does not work with my schedule.  But ya know?  Come on.  It says on the bulletin board, on the dry erase board, on the website and in the scheduling book TWO WEEKS beginning September 11th.  That's TODAY, lady.  Still not happy that someone that turns out is a realtor cannot keep a simple two hour class schedule straight.  My gut tells me that she didn't forget - that she just decided it was too nice a day to spend indoors.  Which was why I scheduled it as a two hour TWO WEEK thing - so that we wouldn't have to waste an entire end of summer afternoon in a stuffy classroom.  My second gut feeling is that she does it to me again next week, or out and out cancels.  And since the owner of the store where I'm teaching the class doesn't like to ask for deposits, I'm out of luck.  Double urgh.  I WILL be calling this student with a reminder mid-week.  I, at least, am responsible for my actions....
So anyway, the UP side is that I have an entire sunny Sunday afternoon all to myself.  My husband figured since I was going to be gone most of the afternoon, that he'd go fishing.  So - BEAD TIME!
But first - peach pie with whipped topping and a big ole' glass of milk!
Peaceful beading everyone,

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