Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Parties....and posts

Or should I say posts and parties, since my first babble begins with - why in the world all of a sudden it's become difficult, if not darn near impossible to post comments on Blogger and Wordpress blogs lately.  I mean, part of the fun of blogging is getting feedback and comments from followers and readers and browsers of the web.  I just tried to comment on MY OWN BLOG and had to try it three times!  Come on, geeks - figure it out!
Ok.  That being ranted - on with the parties!  Thank you to Lorelei Eurto for helping me make the decision about having another open house for my jewelry this year.  I'd been considering it now that I no longer have my shop, but after reading her blog today I think I'm gonna do it.  The biggest chore - getting my house in OPEN HOUSE order.  It's a little (ok, a lot) cluttered at the moment, and has way too much furniture in the room that I would want to use for the bulk of the display.  The unique thing about my open house is that I will also include the rest of the left over BEADS from the shop that I haven't sold yet, besides, of course, my jewelry.  Haven't run it past the hubby yet - I may wait a few weeks yet.  I'm looking at the weekend before the firearm deer season opener in November, so a lot of the ladies will have some free time on their hands!  I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of updates and venting in the next few weeks about this new adventure - so stop back soon!  And check back tomorrow too - for my Bead Table Wednesday post.  I've made some headway on the 'Alaskan Moonlight' cuff, but still have more to go.  Hopeful that it, too, will be a Lansing Art Gallery Holiday Art Market offering....
Peaceful beading,

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