Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bead Soup Reveal Day

Today is the day that I THOUGHT I'd be revealing something really cool and different - a piece of jewelry/art created with things sent to me by another bead artist - as part of a 'blog hop' swap.  Alas....things happened, and I was accidentally left out of the soup.  And now that I've started visiting all the blogs of people that participated - a whopping 362!- I think that they really could have used a little 'Sheryl spice'!  Seriously - I have decided that I am going to be somewhat of an unofficial critic, if you will, of the pieces being revealed this time around.  I'm only about 30 partners in so far - and nearly HALF of them have not even posted their pieces yet!  Now, granted, they may be in a different time zone, so I'm cuttin' 'em some slack at the present time.  I've even given my list of participants a color coded system of which ones I like (name shaded in hot pink), which ones I dislike (shaded in baby shit yellow) and which ones I think didn't even try to be creative (plain old dull boring grey).  I'm sorry - but plopping A bead on a head pin and putting it on a ball chain and adding a fancy clasp IS NOT CREATIVE.  It's a cop out.  Especially for something like a blog hop.  Something that YOU signed up for.  Something you claimed you were willing to do.  I've been on a couple of the blogs already where people are making excuses for not having their piece done yet.  Wha. Wha.  Cry me a river.  You signed up and your responsibility is to complete it.  I also noticed that there was a participant that got to choose TWO swappers - so, why, then, wasn't I given the option of being given one of those people when they discovered I was left out?
On the other hand - I have already coded THREE blog participants in that bright hot pink because THEY have got what it takes!  They put thought into their beautiful work, had a nice post to go along with it, and a beautiful piece of jewelry to cherish for a long time to come.  I have only just begun to visit the blogs - but am thinking I may 'award' the winner of my own little critics party with a special blog link here when I'm all done. 
I realize that if anyone in the hop is actually even reading this blog that they'll probably be upset with me, and I guess - oh, well.  I hope when I go back to some of those blogs that have so far been non-participants, that they will truly have something creative and beautiful to reveal.  I myself am still hoping to get in on this bead soup blog party the next time around - so I should probably be keeping my mouth shut.  OH WELL!  Not something I do easily these days.  It was all I could do not to approach the driver of the blue Cadillac that cut me off yesterday (it coincentally went the same place I went) and ask them what made them so superior.  I'm just in that kind of mood this week.  Could have had something to do with the full moon phase we're coming out of!
So back to soup, girls.  It's an interesting mix of creativity - that's my critique of what I've seen so thumb up, and the other is twitchin' to join it!  Don't let it down!


Melissa said...

I am so sorry that you got left out of the swap. :( That stinks. I have seen some of your other works and I was looking forward to seeing what you have. I have to agree about others not getting it done. I am so unbelievably busy and I still got it done, granted I finished it just hours before I posted it, but it still got done. Hopefully I am not in the baby-shit yellow color. :)

I would be glad to send you a soup and feature it on my blog. :) Let me know if you are interested!


Marie Cramp said...

sorry you missed out, hope you liked my blog and gave it some hot pink!! ;)