Thursday, September 8, 2011

On my plate today.....

Pancakes, errands, and of course, beads.  I did manage to get all of the birthstone bracelets finished, and a sample 'family' bracelet (similar to a Mother's bracelet but also with parents' birthstones) for The Grand-dale Shoppe.  I just have to write up the blurb for custom ordering, as well as one for my in-person custom design party on December 3rd.  And as I was working on those, I decided why not give them the option of EARRINGS?  So those are on my agenda for today.  But first....
Pancakes.  And then.....errands.  Video store.  Library. Post Office.  All those little stops that have you getting in and out of the car for a minute, that can be kind of wearing after about 4 times.   Ugh.
And then for dessert - when all is said and done - my book club meeting.  And I THINK we are meeting at a restaurant for Sandy's birthday tonight.  Not sure where yet - probably should get busy messaging them to coordinate the time and place.
So what's on your plate for today?
Peaceful beading,

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