Monday, September 19, 2011

All done hoppin'!

Finally made it through the rest of the blog hop entries this morning - and although I will give it two thumbs up - I think I'm only awarding three and a half stars.  SOOOOO many participants that simply flaked out.  Do they not have a calendar?  The only ones that I felt had a good reason for not participating were the pair that had the shipping issues between Canada and Africa.  If you can't get the post office to deliver the beads, then that's a legitimate excuse.  But those of you that actually posted your excitement about receiving your beads, posted PHOTOS of the beads you received, and then, when Sept. 17th arrived, September 18th, and then the 19th, and STILL no photos of your finished work?  Twenty lashes with a beaded noodle.  My favorite excuse - my dog ate my beadwork.
I'm still stickin' with my favorite as Eva Sherman, but there were several others that were worthy as well.  And of course, anything with seed beads will draw me to it in a red hot minute. 
All in all - I think everyone provided a vast difference in creative pieces.  From SOUP - to nuts. 
Looking forward to giving it a whirl myself come February.
Hoping to be at the bead table most of today.  Errands first (after I get dressed-I love PJ blogging!), including mailing that stupid, idiotic parking ticket from the market on Saturday.  Apparently the township, after the entire summer has gone by, decided that several of us were parking illegally - on a Saturday.  When their offices aren't even open.  We're sure it's all about the politics, and the anti-market movement by the big box grocers, and believe me - they heard about it.  It will be interesting to see what happens THIS coming Saturday - when the parking will be threefold it's normal crazy - not only will it be Farmer's Market, but Art Market and Heritage Festival as well - I'll be participating, and I'll be sure to let anyone coming by my booth where NOT to park - and hope they can move fast enough to avoid the hassle. 
Bah.  What a way to start a rainy Monday.
Peaceful beading, everyone...

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