Sunday, September 18, 2011

Bead Soup is truly revealing

and not in a good way in many cases.  I just posted this comment on Facebook, and I'll repeat it here - and yes, a few people will probably be angry with me.  Deal.   If you KNOW you are too busy with school (you and/or your kids), work, sporting events, and other daily life dramas - don't sign up for a project with a deadline that you know damn well you won't meet.  It's rude and it's unfair to the other participants.  If you can't take it seriously, make it a priority to meet the deadline, and have something truly creative to show for it - SIT THIS ONE OUT!  I'm only on Bead Soup pair number 95, and I've already come across about TEN participants that either just plain didn't post, or made lots and lots of excuses with reasons that they should have known would keep them from the task.  Next time, either know you have the time - or let someone else play.
Just sayin'.
And now for the other side of that coin - my favorite so far.....Eva Sherman.  THE most original use of both focal AND clasp that I have ever seen.  Done professionally.  Photographed professionally.  Go to Eva Sherman to see what I mean.  NOW THAT is GOURMET soup!
Ok. On with my day.  Let's try this Feng Shui class thing one more time.  And of course - another gorgeous day outside.  Bah.
Happy peaceful beading,


elisabeth said...

It's a totally fair comment - and you are right - Eva has a great post for BSBP!

coolmoon said...

Thanks, Elisabeth. Did you participate? If so - point me to yours! I still have about 50 to go!