Sunday, September 4, 2011


No beads in the blog today, unless you count the lament that once my mom leaves - in less than a month - to return to her home in Florida, who is gonna purchase my jewelry on a regular enough basis to keep me in gas and Biggby lattes?   Sometimes she'll special order something that I'll mail down, and she'll send a check in return, but that's nothing compared to the frequent visits and seeing the items in person, that result in loving - and buying - the most recent thing I made!  I could starve!  I could - gulp, even worse - go Biggby-less!  I need to find a surrogate 'mom' for those 6 months that loves and buys my stuff as much as she does!
And - because they'll be leaving soon - my parents decided to treat my husband and I to a nice dinner out today - RED LOBSTER.  And even in a town several miles away, so that we'd have more time to chat in the car on the way there and back.  Not that my mom and I don't do that on a regular basis anyway, but I don't think either of them have seen Terry for more than an hour total all summer long.  They are always here when he's either working - or fishing. And as we were eating and enjoying each other's company, we decided that tomorrow we'll be getting together, too - just the 4 of us, for a little Labor Day picnic that will consist of helping them clean out their fridge.  So a sort of leftovers picnic.   I will, of course, take my requisite deviled eggs, and maybe something else as well.
So the countdown has begun until the snowbirds fly away home.  I still haven't quite figured out how and IF I will make the journey down there this year.  I want to - the area where they live is quite nice, and as I've blogged before, have plenty of opportunities for me to sell my things, and maybe TEACH.  But I have to get there first.  Without flying.  Nose wiggling ala Bewitched?  That would be nice.....
And as far as no beads in the blog - I changed my mind.  I DO have a completed piece - and the next project piece - to show you:

This one is 'Trefoil'.  Much more simple and understated than I originally planned.  But I just liked how it looked at this stage, so I called it done. 

And this one is a ring - a work in progress that consists of a cool filigree cupped flower.  I'll be doing my usual fringey flowery stuff around the middle - photo when done!


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