Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mad about beads

My great niece Madison (aka Madi, Mads, and Mad) spent the day with me - BEADING.  I promised her at the beginning of the summer that we'd have a craft day.  Little did I know that she's been plotting and planning about it all summer long!  She has decided that she and 11 of her friends are going to have a sale (along with lemonade) down on the street corner, selling jewelry and raising money for hungry children in Africa.  So funny!  So she designed, and strung, and ended up with 2 necklaces (one she strung, one on chain that she designed and I put together) and 4 bracelets - mostly memory wire.  She also went back home to Holland with about 1/2 dozen pieces of already made items that I'd had around awhile.  She sure is a good little marketing person.  She managed to talk me into contributing to her 'cause'.  Keep in mind - she's NINE.
I hope she's able to actually raise the money (she is serious about this - her mom (my niece) has the details on a fund to send the $$ to).  But if not, she's got enough jewelry for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, and teachers gifts for a couple of years!    We had fun together - just Mads and I - and topped it off with a trip to McDonalds - which was a big deal for her without all her siblings (there are 4 more-all younger). 
She really, really wants to learn the seed bead weaving, but I'm not sure she's quite ready for those little beads and a needle and thread yet.  She was so intent on stringing her necklace with size 11's in a particular 4 color pattern, that when she finished, she proclaimed she was never doing THAT again!  I have a feeling she'll forget she said that the next time she sees one of my seed bead woven pieces.
See you back here again tomorrow for Bead Table Wednesday - I managed to work on my own project a bit while she was stringing - so I've got a new project just waiting for it's BTW debut!
Peaceful beading,

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