Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stump the Expert

After 20 years, and countless hours of hands on beading, I consider myself an expert in the field.  I know every stitch, pretty much every technique and can master just about any 4 bead level project (difficult). And I can teach pretty much all of them too.   EXCEPT for BEAD CROCHET.  I just CANNOT get those little suckers to do what they're supposed to do to form a nice, uniform rope.  I thought maybe some of the girls at group last night could give me some tips, and I thought for sure that one of those tips would inevitably help me.  NOT.  I just cannot seem to grasp it.  Literally.  Hanging on to the thread properly, pushing those beads into position, and actually forming a stitch seem beyond my comprehension.  We all agree that being a lefty has something to do with it.  So I guess that's just one of those things that I won't master.  I will continue with my first love - embellishment - and leave it at that.  Why let it stress me out?  I don't want to start to hate what gives me passion.  So I'm not going to push it.  Is there a stitch or technique that you haven't been able to master?  I'd love to hear about it - just so I know I'm not alone!
Today I will be preparing new inventory (many of the pieces you see in the slideshow above!) for The Lansing Art Gallery.  Some of the pieces that are still being displayed have been there since February - so it's time to switch them out.  The things I take tomorrow will be included in the Holiday Art Market as well, so I want them to be fresh, and up to date.  Unless they sell before then of course!  And since switching out pieces means bringing home some things, that will give me some 'new' inventory for the Meridian Art Market on Sunday.  I think this is the last one for me, since the September one is an outdoor affair.  I think I'm going to rethink and downsize the clearance, and add a fall/Halloween piece or two.  If you are a crafter in any form, you know that THIS is the time of year that people start looking for those holiday items.  I'm ready!
Better get started - I'm burnin' daylight!  It's starting to get dark earlier and earlier every day, which means the seasons they are a changin'.  And while autumn IS my favorite time of year (and when birthday falls), it's just one season away from the dreaded WINTER. 
Peaceful, comfy beading everyone,

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