Wednesday, August 17, 2011

A blog full of awesome - whether they like it or not

Well, I guess there won't be an announcement about a fun new adventure.  For the second time in a month, I have been passed over (and this time not forgotten - just plain passed over) for a position in the bead world that could have finally FINALLY (can I write that word any bigger? yes I can - FINALLY!) made people sit up and take notice, not to mention bringing in some $ for my work.  But no.  NO.  NO.   I am so disappointed - so ANGRY right now, that I can't stop the tears.  Is it the fact that I have admitted that I'm still a nobody after trying for 20 years?   Is that I am too confident that I AM GOOD at what I do?  What does it take to get in on some of these opportunities being offered by some of the prime designers in the bead world?  I have a feeling I know.    It will be interesting to see the names that will be associated with this particular opportunity.  My guess is they'll be a lot of the same names we already see out there in the world.  The ones that already have a leg up, and a foot in the door.  And it is so disappointing.  So  I won't be putting my name in any more 'hats', applying for any more recognition, sending in any more inquiries or submitting any more projects.  I have heard the message loud and clear from the powers that BEAD. To you, I am no one.  Hear me squeak.
I guess the one bright spot in my world right now, and the one that I will have to concentrate on, because it's the only spark of recognition that I am liable to get - is that The Lansing Art Gallery here locally (where I've been selling my work semi-successfully for nearly a year) have asked me to teach a beading class this winter.   I guess I'll just have to keep shining my light from under the bushel - and keeping the home fires burning instead. 
I wish the gallery where I applied for the opportunity, and all those that are involved with them the best of luck.  To those of you that ARE a part of that organization: I don't know what it was that made you pass on me, but you don't know what you're missing.  My work is awesome.  Too bad you decided you didn't want awesome.  There won't be a next time. 

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