Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Left out

Of the soup, that is.  Somehow I've been overlooked for the next Bead Soup Blog Party, so I guess I won't be participating after all.  So bummed.  I thought it sounded like fun.
Oh well.  Since I have TWO classes to plan for, a mini vacation, a holiday, and a wedding all in that time, it's probably just as well.

Anyway - here's what Bella and I have been working on this week, for BTW and more!(she lies nearby everytime I'm at my bead table-she likes to come and inspect my work once in awhile):

Bead Table Wednesday 8/10

Peaceful beading on this gorgeous summer day,


Courtney Breul said...

Hi Bella!

I would be very happy to swap soup with you!

Unknown said...

Have you contacted Lori? I know she had some problems with the list, I know we will all miss your participation.

coolmoon said...

Yes, Deci, I did. I decided to wait until the next one. There are already over 300 in this group. It just wasn't meant to be this time....