Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Ready, Set - Babble!

I've been noticing other bloggers post changes a lot lately.  As in - not so much about the bead, but just about STUFF.  And I'd been trying hard not to do that - only babbling a little about non bead stuff, instead of a lot.  But then I found myself keeping a second place to write - a virtual journal, for stuff that I needed to vent about, shout about, babble about and just plain talk about that I didn't think anyone would necessarily be interested in.  But jeez.  I'm seeing a huge amount of my usual beady bloggers doing just that.  So I'll probably start babbling more - instead of less. Lucky you!  I could probably write more today - about things that have been happening, and what I'm hoping for in the next week or so, but I'm waiting for the imminent arrival of my mom, so that we can have lunch, and visit The Lansing Art Gallery today.  She's late.  Not like her.  I'm sure something came up - an important phone call, or the 'porch guy' finally showed up.  Don't you hate that?  You hire someone that has been recommended as a good worker, and they seem to just work on their own schedule - any one elses' plans be damned.  Sometimes I think it's worth paying more just for better FASTER service. 
So there.  I DID manage to babble about nothing today!  And mom's still not here!
Hope to do some beading later - kind of at one of those points where I've got lots of project ideas, with dribs and drabs of things pulled together that will PART of a project, but haven't got a plan in mind for any of them.  I did play around with a possible new RAW earring embellishment yesterday, but will want to play with it a little more (and write it down!) before I decide to share it.  YAY!  SHE"S HERE!
Peaceful beading,

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