Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Should have known

When I sat down at this laptop about an hour ago, I had big plans!  I was going to totally overhaul this blog!  I was going to start fresh, renew, give it new life, and get crazy with a new template.
Well.  As the title states - I should have known that it wouldn't be that simple.  I have been attempting to download a really cool new template, without success.  And why should I have known?  Mercury Retrograde, of course.
So here I blog, with the same template, and the same photos - but I won't give up.  I will probably just wait until Mercury is done with it's wonky orbit, and then try again.  Besides, by then I may have some exciting news about a new adventure in beading.  No more details yet.  Don't wanna jinx it!
So peaceful beading once again,


Beverly Herman said...

Aim looking forward to hearing about you new bead adventure! I will be in Michigan in September for a few beady adventures too!

coolmoon said...

I know, Bev! I wanted to attend that wonderful beady adventure too - but it just didn't work out for me!
Will post more when I know for sure what's going to happen!