Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gallery Inventory

Here are the pieces that I just took today.  And I brought home printed brochures with MY name in them!  So it's official!  How exciting to be teaching a class at The Lansing Art Gallery this winter.  There are also several pieces still there that have been displayed for awhile - like the Vinery line, with it's grape clusters and vintage lucite leaves, my favorite 'face' piece - Island Dreamer, as well as the statement making Petoskey Pride.  Lots of big events coming up too - a new exhibit will be arriving with the kick off open house being Friday, September 9th.  I'll be working the gallery that evening - it would be great to have a few familiar faces in the crowd.  There are always refreshments, and this time there's even a jazz band!  FUN!

Looking forward to a fun time - but boy, did THAT turn into another busy week - my only free day from Labor Day to Sunday will be Thursday, the 8th.  I may have to turn off, tune out and veg for a day.  WHEW!
Off to bead....

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