Saturday, August 27, 2011

Peacocks to be proud of

SOOOOO happy with how these turned out.  I was glad to have the 'power' beading session tonight - hubby's gone fishin', and it's blissfully beadily quiet - or as quiet as it can be with my country station CRANKED!  It seemed to give me the energy boost I needed to get these finished for tomorrow's art market.   I DO plan to create another piece or two - but will need more of the PERFECT shade of 'peacock' feather- navy lined amber size 15's from Artbeads.  And they just happen to be O-U-T.  Hopefully they'll have more soon!  I'm also thinking a pair of earrings are needed to match the white peacock piece from a few weeks ago.  PLUS I have two other peacock related projects drawn, with thoughts noted. Lately when something comes into my head,  I've been at least jotting notes.  My memory just ain't what it used to be, but somehow my creative ideas are still JUICY!  Loving that I have a counter on my site now - I have more people reading than I thought - YAY!  Stop and say hey once in awhile!  And leave me YOUR blog address - if I'm not already reading it (trust me, I've got a list of favorites that is 51 blogs long, and I try to hit them all at least once every couple days) I'll check it out!
Peaceful beading,

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