Thursday, August 25, 2011

Read or bead?

That's been the question lately.  I find myself soaking in the written word much this week - nothing significant, nothing deep, just good, well written mysteries.  I'm on the third book since Sunday - so I'm averaging one book about every day and a half.  I do that sometimes.  The best of the lot was actually a TRUE story of intrigue, and very interesting - called "Winged Obsession" - about the FBI and Fish and Wildlife departments' pursuit AND capture of the worlds most famous BUTTERFLY smuggler.  Who knew that there was such a huge market for this?  And who knew how horrifying the destruction of the butterfly species really is.  And how they go about getting those beautiful winged bugs into those boxes that so many collectors covet.  It was a very good read.  I also threw in one of James Patterson's newest, am almost finished with a Nook novel, and then Ill move on to the actual book version of the newest Lisa Jackson.  And somehow - amidst all the mystery and suspense, I have found a little time to bead.  I've got a couple of new earring designs to perfect, and am working on some peacock designs - since they're sooooo hot right now!  Looking forward to having my DAY to myself tomorrow, as hubby's hours have been switched for a few days again.
Back to my suspense and a spoonful of chocolate fudge sauce from the jar in the fridge.  It's the day before groceries - and we're getting a little lean on the essentials - like CHOCOLATE!
Peaceful beading - and reading,

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