Saturday, January 5, 2013

Live wonders!!

Thanks to a Facebook friend, I’ve got a new way to blog!  Windows Live Writer.  Didn’t even know I had it – and yesterday this finicky little laptop told me I didn’t.  But lo and behold – TADA!  So let me try a photo – nothing new, although I did do two entire projects yesterday - here goes….


This is Shimmer.  That bottom cab is color changing – heat sensitive, so it’s fun to play with and watch it change from yellow/gold to deep blue – all the hues that are in the Opal piece up above.  Kinda cool, I thought.
So here goes.  Publishing to my blog site.  We’ll see if it works!!
Off for my first volunteer shift at the Shiawassee Art Center.  Excited.
Peaceful beading,


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