Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday should be a fun day

Instead – it’s been paperwork day.  I cannot TELL you how much I hate paperwork.


That sort of sums it up.  I don’t care how many loving, caring people tell me to keep better track – it just isn’t going to happen. I am a shoe box filer, and probably always will be.  Numbers and math just stress me out.   I AM going to try and do a better job of keeping track of jewelry inventory as far as what I used to make each piece, and the price involved – just so I know I’m pricing things accurately.  I know I’m pretty good at ‘guesstimating’ – I’ve been doing this a long time, and also know my clientele, and have used an inventory program in the past - but now that I’m dealing with higher end customers at art galleries, and wine tastings,  I need a better idea.  THUS part of the reason for the screaming.  I HAD Jewelry Designer Manager for several years – and then when my old laptop bit the dust – this one isn’t compatible, and truthfully, I’d gotten lazy at that too.  I really don’t want to spend the funds on another inventory program – but that may be the way I have to go. Or create one in Excel.  Which could lead to more screaming.
So when the time comes that I have sit down and sort paperwork, and add receipts, and add the numbers, and figure out sales tax –well – it’s like hitting my head on a brick wall – and OWIE.

And the only thing worse than finishing totaling everything up after 3 hours in front of paper and calculator is to open a cupboard and find – yep – you guessed it – another box of receipts.  For last year.  Drat.  More adding.  And counting.  And did I mention how much I HATE paperwork?   See scream above.

calc(all images courtesy of Google Images)

All I have left to do is filling out of the forms and finding out the damage (aka total) – but I am SOOO DONE for today.  There is a Sunday crossword and a glass of iced tea waiting for me, and I plan to meet up with it SOON.  Not to mention I need to post that giveaway info.  You’ll probably find it here tomorrow – or perhaps later tonight.  It will be fun, but alas – more counting. 

Smile with tongue out

Peaceful beading,

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